The cornerstone of food appreciation is expressed well by James Beard . I love good food which is thoughtfully prepared , where the utmost care is given to the consideration of the ingredient ; with the desire to prepare it to the point of allowing the food , with minimal prep & simple , high quality ingredients , allows the food to be the star .

My name is Joey Matto . I have many interests & hobbies , but food & the law are my fire & water balancing properties . Let’s take a deep dive into what it means to make proper food . From scratch , by hand . …

A SoundTrack Follow Up

The general idea of the punk & DIY culture is the disdain for the authoritarian thought process; whether a left or right agenda .

This is Part II of a series of III . The first article link follows :

Great , now that you are up to speed , this article is really a summary of the provided soundtrack .

A heads up about the playlist : You…

R A W by Charlie Trotter & Roxanne Klein launched my food prep explorations into a deep dive of exploration .

It was 2007 & I had lost my illustrious sales job . What a trip its been . My professional career has always been in restaurants , grocery stores , & varying sales gigs . When the crisis that was 2007–2010 hit , the service sector was hit hard &…

Fred Shuttlesworth , Petitoner, ( Centre ) engaged in Lawsuit against the City of Birmingham on constitutional grounds

Argued 11 October 1965 | Decided 15 November 1965


In 1963 , Fred Shuttlesworth , a Negro minister in his community , who led a civil rights march in an orderly manner , in compliance with local ordinance in Birmingham , Alabama , was arrested & convicted for violating…

East Bay Hardcore legends AFI . Some dude screaming along . This was the appeal of punk rock . There was no line of delineation between artist & fan . It was the fans that organised the show . Photo credit :

Everyone goes through a questioning phase in their life . Questions surrounding the values taught at home , organised religion , politics , choices made , ‘ Am I on the right path , or am I just filling a mould that the authority structures in society have told me…

Rōnin , 浪人 , During Feudal Japan .

Rōnin , 浪人 , a drifter , or masterless samurai , during feudal Japan, 1185 – 1868 . A samurai could find his way to this status through the death of his master or by falling out of graces . …


Mad Scientist , in the Lab . Food Obsessed Enthusiast . Ocassional commentary on culture , film , photography & art .

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