2 min readJan 24, 2021
The cornerstone of food appreciation is expressed well by James Beard . I love good food which is thoughtfully prepared , where the utmost care is given to the consideration of the ingredient ; with the desire to prepare it to the point of allowing the food , with minimal prep & simple , high quality ingredients , allows the food to be the star .

My name is Joey Matto . I have many interests & hobbies , but food & the law are my fire & water balancing properties . Let’s take a deep dive into what it means to make proper food . From scratch , by hand . There are a few simple rules that must be established .


B E HONEST this is a deep dive , it will take time & commitment .

NO S H O R T CU T S maintain ingredient integrity , always .

PAY ATTENTION TO ORIGIN maintain the highest standards of ingredient sourcing .

That is to say , if you are creating the food of another culture , do what you can to get ingredients from the country . By doing this , your taste buds will be able to experience the growing process & the quality of the soil of the products you acquire at local specialty food store or direct import , thereby , an experience in the terroir of the region , the integrity of agricultural practice standards .

COMMIT TO LOCAL SOURCING in terms of produce , go local , get to know your growing seasons . Get to know your local producers .

THE EXTRA MILE commit to organic . Price shock is temporary , you will adjust . Think of it as an investment for yourself , eat cleaner , lighter , as fresh as possible . Return on Investment will pay many more dividends than money .

REMEMBER , YOU ARE DEALING WITH PEOPLE , fostering relationships , creating win – win opportunities for all .

This is how eating should make us feel . Eat for health & strength , eat clean , leave satisfied , receptive , open to making better choices in all matters . One small step to making a better world , by reintroducing yourself to food and the path it takes to get to you .

That’s it . Transparent & aboveboard . Let’s get started , let’s explore together .

X TR A CRED IT will be announced .


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